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Genealogy of Bernhard Haug [Stammbaum]

Welcome to my genealogy page. It comprises more than 630 individuals and 14 generations in Southern Germany, starting as early as 1556 A.C. with Kunrat Roll. A great deal of the information on the longest root of my family tree has been gathered by Ernst Roll (1875 - 1961), a cousin of my paternal grandmother and heir of a famous fruit-tree nursery. I took over his devotion in 1986, when I started to use personal computers in an attempt to apply this new technology to a very traditional custom. At the beginning I was mainly interested in drawing some statistics from the data, such as the average life expectancy of ancestors as a function of centuries, predominating months of birth and death, age of parents at time of child birth, etc.

Recently more sophisticated software became available to store and retrieve genealogical information, and to display it in various manners. A universal exchange format (GEDCOM) has been developed, which can be read by most of the family tree programmes. The internet further provided an easy possibility to scan and exchange information between collectors of family data. There is a considerable chance, that this exchange may lead to mutual completion of the roots and branches of one's family. I am particularly hoping to find relations to foreign countries, since some of my ancestors' relatives have moved to France, North and South America. Their names are underlined in the following list. I am also hoping to extend the roots of my own family name Haug, which I could trace back by six generations only. In any case, please report, if you find you are somehow related to my family.

Abele, Aigner, Amann, Anwärter (Anwaerter), Auwärter (Auwaerter), Baader, Bader, Bäuchle (Baeuchle), Bart, Baumann, Baumeister, Baur, Beltschner, Berthold, Best, Beyerle, Birker, Birlin, Bischof, Blei, Böhm (Boehm), Bopp, Botheker, Bözel (Boezel), Breuer, Bugin, Bühler (Buehler), Bührlin (Buehrlin), Bullinger, Bürger (Buerger), Conzelmann, Dasing, Dellner, Demler, Diem, Dietz, Doh, Ehmann, Elbert, Englert, Fahrion, Feuchter, Frank, Frey, Fritz, Friz, Gärttner (Gaerttner), Gaßmann, Gassmann, Gauß (Gauss), Geiger, Gobiz, Gräter (Graeter), Grünenwald (Gruenenwald), Gutjahr, Gwinner, Haas, Häberle (Haeberle), Hahn, Haug, Heinrich, Herter, Hess, Höfer (Hoefer), Hoffmann, Holzherr, Hübner (Huebner), Jetter, Kächele (Kaechele), Kern, Kettemann, Kirschner, Klemsen, Klingler, Klotz, Kloz, Knoor, Knödler (Knoedler), Knoor, Koch, Köhler (Koehler), König (Koenig), Krafft, Krahmer, Krebs, Kuch, Kull, Langbein, Laup, Laupp, Lauppe, Leins, Lipp, Löblen (Loeblen), Löchner (Loechner), Loos, Lörcher (Loercher), Ludwig, Luz, Mack, Maier, Marx, Mayer, Metzger, Meusser, Möck (Moeck), Mühlhäuser (Muehlhaeuser), Neff, Oegler, Öhring (Oehring), Ötinger (Oetinger), Ott, Pelstner, Pelzstner, Pflumm, Pregitzer, Rapp, Reich, Reihing, Reihingin, Reule, Revellio, Richt, Rieck, Riecker, Riedlinger, Rieger, Riek, Rittberger, Roll, Rößler (Roessler), Roth, Rottweiler, Rudolf, Rudolfin, Rupp, Salm, Schaffert, Schalk, Schell, Schenk, Scheuing, Schickle, Schlather, Schlatter, Schlecht, Schlienz, Schmälzle (Schmaelzle), Schmidt, Schneider, Schöllhammer (Schoellhammer), Schönemann (Schoenemann), Schramm, Schrammin, Schuhmacher, Schuhmann, Schuler, Schulz, Schurr, Schurz, Schütt (Schuett), Schwab, Schweizer, Seitz, Seitzer, Simonschisch, Spilgies, Spittler, Spörer (Spoerer), Spriegel, Sprügel (Spruegel), Stählin (Staehlin), Stehlin, Steiner, Stillhammer, Stohrer, Straub, Stumpf, Striffeler, Thudium, Übele (Uebele), Ullmann, Wagenländer (Wagenlaender), Wagner, Wahlser, Walter, Weber, Weild, Weller, Weyhmüller (Weyhmueller), Willems, Wohlfahrt, Wolf, Zeller

Reliable system drawn from the shareware programme GEDHTML, which may be slow at operation with data files of several 100 kB. New acquisitions are not regularly updated for.

Set of small *.html files within two subdirectories to access my family tree with better speed than with the other programme above. The small family trees spanning three generations are generated by the shareware programme GED2HTML, which is also used by the GENDEX index mentioned below.

[Internet version temporarily out of order] Shareware programme including attractive and clearly laid out graphics for the roots and branches spanning 4 generations at a time. It draws the information from the native GEDCOM file without further preparation.

Link to the GENDEX WWW genealogical index, a commercial repository of more than 15 million individuals world-wide, among whom you might find one of your ancestors. Use for searching is free of charge.

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