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Illustrated selection of card and tile games (hanafuda, mah-jongg), and Japanese chess (shogi). Description, links to rules of the games, image files and download sites.


Description and reviews of selected Japanese films (Nihombashi, Conflagration, Twin Sisters of Kyoto, Honest Fool, Each Day I Cry, The Family Game, The Eel, etc.)



(under construction)

Japanese Miniature Carving Art

Man with Daikon (giant radish)

Gateway to further Japan Info Pages:

From the large number of Japan-related WWW pages I have only selected the most useful and comprehensive ones, as to my knowledge.

FTP-Link to Japanese language
on computers:

Link to Monash University, Australia, the number one repository of software, which enables to process Japanese language on European versions of operating system such as Windows or Macintosh. For selection of downloads and installation please follow the index and readme files.

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English homepage of the Department of Brain Pathophysiology at Kyoto University.