Gateway to other Information Sources on Japan

Wolfgang Michel's History Page:

Comprehensive materials and research on the history of Euro-Japanese cultural relations from the 16th to the 19th century; very well-founded information and delightful reading.

Gaijin Scientist:

A book for foreign scientists in Japan, with tips and info on everyday life, published on the WWW by the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan.

German Camber of Commerce and Industry in Tokyo:

Useful links to most subsidiaries of German companies in Japan; hints to Japanese culture and language (WAV files) for the short-term visitor.

American School in Japan (ASIJ):

Interesting articles on diverse topics of Japanese culture, such as education, customs, religion, entertainment, amusement, art, and ... suicide.

Homepage of a Japanese teacher:

Bilingual English-Japanese pages made with the participation of Japanese pupils, featuring interesting information on sightseeing and festivals in the Kyoto region (illustrated by dozens of self-drawn pictures), excerpts of the teaching classes including small essays, ground-plans of pupils' homes, and a comprehensive selection of song texts in both languages.

SEP Doo Soo Kai:

Homepage of the Association of European Researchers in Japan, with lots of information for those who want to visit, study or work in this country.

Holger Ries' Japan Links:

Extensive collection on WWW pages with information on Japan; comments are in German, but links are also useful for English speakers.

Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK):

Day to day information on Japanese news in English language.

Asahi Shimbun:

German version of the Asahi Newspaper distributed from Berlin-Dahlem.

High-resolution map of Japan:

This site is excellent to spot addresses in Japan. Search by area or by postal code. Zoom in up to a resolution of 20 cm per pixel to see nearly all details of buildings and paths, including the house numbers! Sole restriction: menus are in Japanese.

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