Selection of Japanese Films

Introductory Remarks:

This assortment of cinema films is biased by my own experience. A great deal of the films I have enjoyed in Japan in their original version, with English subtitles in most cases, but some were shown in Germany. Rarely synchronized versions were available.

Please bear in mind that these movies were originally designed in Japan for Japanese people. Western people previously unexposed to Japanese culture do sometimes not like them so much. The main reason for me to include them here is the kind how naturally the films portray ancient or modern Japanese life and culture.

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Movies in alphabetical order:

Baka marudashi Honest Fool
Echigo Okumiomote Okumiomote Village
Enjou Conflagration (Tempelbrand)
Hadashi no Gen 1 & 2 Barefoot Gen 1 & 2
Hikou shoujo Each Day I Cry
Kayako no tame ni For Kayako
Kazoku geemu The Family Game
Koto Twin Sisters of Kyoto
Nihonbashi The Japanese Bridge
Shall we dansu? Shall We Dance?
Shichinin no samurai Die sieben Samurai
Ageha(chou) Yentown - Schwalbenschwanz
Ugetsu monogatari Erzählungen unter dem Regenmond
Tampopo "Pusteblume"
Tora-san Mister Tora
Unagi Der Aal (The Eel)

Some Chinese Films

................................. König der Masken